November 9th 2018

Things to consider in your WEBSITE HEALTH CHECK

Your website is ONE of your businesses BIGGEST assets!


If it doesn’t get maintained, updated and running as it should, you will lose potential customers! So, to keep your website in good shape, its important to have a website health check.

Running a business is hard.  The day to day ins and outs of making your business successful can divert the attention of many directors which unfortunately leaves important aspects falling away.

I am admittedly one of the worst for this, so I always ensure a member of our team is looking at this at least once a fortnight.

Clearly its hard to juggle your business, but if your website is neglected, it will cost you!

Getting regular website health checks will highlight anything out of the ordinary and ensure you are aware of the areas that are both working well, or not if the case may be.

A prime examples of this is the speed of your website. If it loads quickly it will lead to better conversion rate which should, as we know, lead to more sales.

People are impatient these days and will not hang around if your website is ‘slow to get out of bed’. You can read a number of key stats around the industry that show the volume of people moving away from websites after being frustrated due to speed.

It’s also extremely important to ensure that the usability of your website is all on point with engaging content as this will help to keep customers on your site.

On this note, as they say, content is key so do ensure that everything is up to date and relevant. A blog or news page with old stuff showing is not ideal, in my opinion, if its not active, you may swell remove it as people can think that you have shut up shop.

You have to work with Google, and by ensuring your content is up to date, has no broken links, and loads efficiently, you should be rewarded with decent positioning.

Don’t look after these areas then Google will slowly push your website down the list. They say page 2 of Google is the best place to hide a dead body so make ensure you don’t end up there!

Clearly the further down the order you are, the less of a chance you’ll have for a potential customer to click to your website.

Here are some things to think about when trying to ensure your website is healthy.

  • Are you performing Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Is your platform responsive?
  • Have you performed user testing?
  • Have you tested the performance of your website?
  • Have you checked your page speeds?
  • Have you got your links all working as they should?
  • Have you thought about conversion strategy?

Look, we get it, things take time and to cover the list above its one of those tasks that its hard to find time for. But, if you don’t you could be doing yourselves an injustice! Make time for it, even if its a little each day, its a long haul process and you will get there.

We started implementing the above a year or so ago. Search for Media company in Bournemouth and you will always find us in the top half of the page alongside very prestigious agencies that have been around for ten to fifteen years. Makes sense right ? If you are still stuck with this all simply pick up the phone and talk to on of our top cats.

At Top Cat Media we have specialists who can bring fresh eyes on your website to help bring it to top performance.

Do you want your business to benefit from all the perks of having a top-notch website?

If you need our help drop us a call on : 01202 431652


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Leading local independent businesses through the digital maze.

Whatever market you operate in, let Top Cat Media help you to expand your business with our digital expertise.

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Leading local independent businesses through the digital maze.

Whatever market you operate in, let Top Cat Media help you to expand your business with our digital expertise.

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