That’s the view of a former Daily Echo advertising staffer whose digital marketing agency is focusing on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Ross Taylor, who founded Top Cat Media in Bournemouth three years ago, developed a service for SMEs, which he said had been under-served by the established players.

He said: “Whilst our competition are looking mainly to secure business with the big local corporates, we’re very happy to deliver our services to the smaller end of the market.


“The SME sector is already well reported as the engine of growth and employment, both in the Bournemouth area and nationally, and embracing all the various elements of the digital marketing mix is seen, more and more as an essential element of a successful business.

“While the multinationals are concerning themselves with the implications and uncertainties relating of Brexit, exchange rates, and the like, the smaller business is more able to nimbly pivot, re-think strategy, and move forward.”

He said services had to be tailored for budget-conscious organisations whose knowledge and experience of digital marketing could be limited.

Video was one of the fastest-growing elements of the marketing mix, with many smaller businesses embracing it for the first time, he said.

“Video was traditionally seen as rather expensive, but with the lowering of the price of technology, and a carefully crafted creative approach, great results are being achieved,” he said.

He said videos could be used effectively on social media, on websites and embedded in emails.

Top Cat Media has also launched a new YouTube Channel called Talking to Heads, which features local business leaders talking in relaxed style about their companies and experiences. The idea is to help guide entrepreneurs through the ups and downs of starting a business, as well as providing insights into specific industries.

Mr Taylor previously launched the dining deals website, which became an established national brand after its launch in Bournemouth.

Top Cat Media company moved a year ago into a converted warehouse near Kings Park.